Pineal Gland & Heartfield Activation-Enhancing Inspired And Creative Decision Making, Collaboration and Problem Solving



Research from the Heart Math Institute found that the electromagnetic field of the heart extends 6-10X further out from our body than that of the brain.  What this means is that your heart, and your physiology in general, is responding to the outside world quicker and more efficiently than your brain.

This has huge implications for how you navigate the world, make decisions, collaborate, and connect with those around you.

Basically, it all comes down to coherency and how coherent you are with the intelligence and rhythm of the heart.  Not only does it have a direct effect on your physical and emotional health, but it also plays a major factor in how connected and aligned you are with your goals, desires,  inspired thought, creative problem-solving, collaboration, and how you manifest.

Many of us are not in coherence which causes scattered efforts, goals that do not come into form, being subject to greater emotional volatility, inflexibility mentally, emotionally, and spiritually (i.e. hanging on and general resistance to change), and physical reality that does not seem to shift.

Join Karen in this very special GFC (Group Frequency Calibration®) where she clears distortion patterns that are preventing this coherence and then aligns your pineal gland and heart field on spirit level for maximum coherence.