Relationship With The ONE 2.0 – Mastery Within & Over The Illusion




So many people feel overwhelmed by or sometimes even bullied by life.

No matter what you do, life seems to be happening to you.

Even if you’re conceptually aware that the reality we experience is an illusion, you can still feel like you are subject to life as it unfolds, rather than empowered within it.

The reason is because you’re not fully aware of or able to experience the fullness and authority of your power to co-create everything at all times. 

Most people are unconsciously co-creating the same reality over and over again.

This can make you feel stuck, hopeless and like you can’t seem to change things no matter how hard you’re trying.

Making you feel stuck, hopeless and like you can’t seem to change things no matter how hard you’re trying.

To think the same thoughts, have the same triggers and the same experience of life.

In this powerful workshop you’ll:

  • Release the distortion patterns that cause you to create the same thing over and over again.
  • Learn how the illusion works and shift your relationship to it so it changes what your life looks like and how you feel about it.
  • Be aware of and experience your power as co-creator more fully. 

When you release these key distortion patterns and rise enough in your frequency resonance you start to have mastery within and over the illusion.

Which means that you get to experience life in a whole new and better way.

Register now to shift your relationship with life and step more fully into your power to intentionally co-create.


What Participants Are Saying:

“This workshop has changed my life. I feel more myself, less constrained by perfectionism and finally feel like I can appreciate myself and all that I am on a deeper level.” – Rose P., WI, USA

“I’ve found the strength that I have always had, and used the tools you have given me. I now feel truly empowered, and I feel like I can really fully step into my brilliance. What you teach is magic, and the best part is it’s within all of us. What a gift. Thank you!” – Rita V., CA, USA

“Thank all of you so much for this amazing workshop! After months of feeling exhausted and out of coherence I’ve had such an amazing shift. It’s hard to put into words but it’s truly amazing!” – Lea C., LA, USA