Relationship With The ONE – Journey To The Beloved State




Changing the game from “I am not enough” to “I am beloved.”

Clearing, cultivating and amplifying the foundation of ALL relationships so you can experience — in the physical — relationships of a higher level order.

In this very special and powerful event we focus on clarifying and empowering our relationship with The One, so we move into what Karen calls the “Beloved state.” In this state, we can better experience and manifest the relationships that we want, including the one with ourselves.

So many of us believe that something outside of us will complete us: another person, a job, money or even the divine. When we get that thing, or experience it, or complete it, then we’ll feel whole, good, worthy — the list goes on forever.

Within that belief, we are fundamentally incomplete, broken, unworthy and somehow lacking.

We actually resonate with the frequency of “not enough.”

We’re not worthy of love, attention, abundance, connection, wholeness, etc.

In this pivotal event we shift from that frequency of “not enough” to that of the “Beloved.”

Where you KNOW that you are cherished, precious and loved — not the human distortion of love, but loved from an extremely high level by the Divine, the One Infinite Creator, Pure Source — whatever you want to call that extraordinarily highly resonating consciousness from which all things derive and to which all return.

If you are truly in that state you feel not only that YOU are beloved, you also realize that this applies to absolutely everything and everyone.

Even if you experience it only for a second this changes the game in how we allow ourselves to be treated, how we treat others, how we collaborate, how we treat the earth, how we start to make decisions collectively, how structures in our society and cultures change.

This is how we help ourselves and consciousness to rise.

If you’re looking for better relationships, a deeper relationship with yourself, an intimate partnership or if you’re wanting the one you’re currently in to be better, stronger, deeper, more passionate and more connected, this foundational relationship with the ONE must be strengthened and clarified.

What’s included in this transformative experience:

  • 3 sessions of frequency work given over 3 days to bring you from the resonance of non-worthiness or incompleteness to the Beloved state
  • Joining the mastermind in the timeless as we work in a very pure, clear natural setting so we can harness the power of the earth frequencies to deepen release, increase momentum and access higher levels of completion
  • Questions and answers that helped accelerate the mastermind forward
  • Both video and audio replays, so you can watch and/or listen to the talks and the GFCs separately
  • Participation with a very strong mastermind of conscious people focused on clearing their distortion patterns so they can embody their greatest potential
  • THIS is how we change ourselves and the world to something that hasn’t been experienced by humanity as a collective yet.

Let’s rise together!

Karen, Chris & Spherical Luminosity team


What Participants Are Saying:

“Well, I was so touched by this experience! Karen and Chris hold a big deep beautiful spot in my heart always. but I have to say this retreat moved me in a powerful way to really embrace myself and truly see/feel a broader love for all. So much gratitude and devotion to this work and the community it is building. Love to you all.” – Joelle C.

“This weekend has changed me forever. Thank you Karen & Chris for creating this for us! It was incredible to meet so many special people I know I’ll be connected with and the frequencies were next level!” – Daniela A.

“What an incredible experience! One that I will never forget. The energy and the connection with profound. Every meditation, every GFC was super profound and life changing. Thank you!” – Aliza G.

“Karen and Chris thank you for hosting one of the most incredible events I’ve ever attended. The frequencies were so pure and beautiful, I’m still in awe. It brings tears to my eyes. Can’t wait for more!” – Patricia G.

“YES! Even the online experience was profound. you guys did the video so well I did really feel like I was there. Still up in the stratosphere. So many shifts and revelations. Thank you Karen, Chris, customer service and Pure Source for amazing acceleration and community.” – Kim M.

“Still soaking it all in. This was such a potent and powerful event. Thanks so much for you and Chris and all of those in the group seen and unseen.” – Susana B.