Releasing Attachment To Our Stories



Do you seem to repeat the same stories over and over again? Whether they are stories of why things happen to you, what people do or did to you, or who you think you are? Are you the type of person who easily gets caught in the storm of drama whether created by someone else or yourself? Do you tend to hang on to grudges because you are attached to the story of what someone else “should” or “shouldn’t” have done? Maybe you find yourself doing things not really for yourself but because you want a story to tell?

It is easy to get caught up in the emotional drama of stories, whether they are our own or others.

Join Karen in this GFC (Group Frequency Calibration®) as she works with your Higher Self to:

  • Delete the sense of comfort you receive from your attachment to the stories you have about yourself (and others), especially if they are reinforcing patterns that you no longer want.
  • Release your need to be approved of, witnessed, or validated externally.
  • Let go of what you think you remember someone did to you which has kept you stuck.
  • Break the cycle of the loop of stories that you have so often repeated that they have become solidified, part of your identity.
  • Let go of our resistance to what is, and the story loop we create to avoid seeing ourselves or our circumstances around us.
  • Create more distance between ourselves and the stories we hear or tell ourselves so they have less power over us.