Sensuality & Sexuality Powerfully Aligned with Pure Source



Are you ashamed of either your lack of or over abundance of sexual energy or drive? Have you struggled to express your sensuality in a way that feels safe, clear or congruent to you? Maybe you have judgement around sexuality and the expression of it, whether it’s yourself or someone else?  Or maybe you struggle with addiction to sex? Do you feel a strong need to be desired by another?  
We can often feel confused, ashamed (sometimes deeply so), guilty, frustrated and afraid of our sensuality and/or sexuality, and all the things listed above stem from a related web of deeply rooted distortion patterns.
 And yet, our sexual drive is fundamentally innate to us. At its most base level, it allows us to carry on as a species. 
Very importantly, it is also a wellspring of creativity, fundamentally intertwined with physical abundance, and can be powerfully transmuted into a higher, stronger connection with Pure Source if channeled correctly.
Being able to accept, embody and experience sexuality and sensuality less clouded by distortion is part of the journey into the Transcendent Feminine and the Transcendent Masculine.  
There is SO MUCH distortion around sexuality and sensuality from religion, culture and lineage — often these are heavy distortions of oppression, control, abuse and dominance, whether it’s on other or self, through withholding or imposition.  
Especially now, at a time when there is an intensification of the visibility of much heavier frequency distortions (like oppression, control, and abuse, as mentioned above) in order for them to drop away from us, these distortions may actually be amplified within our individual experience of sexuality and sensuality whether we are in partnership or not. 
What is happening in the collective can cause us to respond, just like a tuning fork will start to ring, once the right pitch is around it, even if it has not physically been struck.


Join Karen in this Deep Dive (3-part GFC series) as she works with your Higher Self to help you experience a higher resonating sensuality and sexuality authentic to, and congruent with your highest expression.

In this Deep Dive we’ll:

  • Delete religious and cultural conditioning of shame, guilt and humiliation about sexuality
  • Let go of judgment of one’s own and others’ sexuality and expression of it
  • Instill a sense of safety in being in your body
  • Let go of defendedness in this arena, or a potentially related feeling that something is being taken from you when you are intimate with another
  • Increase your awareness of your own sexuality and how others receive it
  • Allow for a greater sensual experience
  • Foster the ability to transmute sexual drive and energy into stronger connection to Pure Source
  • Allow for discernment and wisdom of the heart to govern sexuality
  • Strengthen your sense of Self on spirit level so you do not lose yourself in another
  • Learn to run your sexual energy clearly and cleanly within yourself so you’re not grabbing at others for it