Spirit Debt



Spirit debt is a foundational, pervasive distortion pattern that runs through all of humanity.
It binds us as humans into an imbalanced and disempowered state, where we have to give up a disproportionate amount of something (life force, emotional or mental well-being, our attention or focus) in order to have something else (money, job security, a stable intimate relationship, success, fulfillment, happiness). Unless something is done to correct this fundamental problem, as time progresses, that imbalance in the cost versus benefit only increases and intensifies.
This is often what keeps us stuck and spinning in places where we are unhappy, unfulfilled, controlled, or even abused in some cases.
There are many ways spirit debt might be evident in one’s life. It could be that you have a lot of material abundance but you have to sacrifice yourself at a job you don’t really like to have access to that abundance. Or maybe in order for you to have a stable, reliable intimate partnership, you discover that you’re bored, stuck in a passionless relationship where there are many control patterns running. It could also be that in order to have profound spiritual growth or revelations you have to suffer an extreme physical or emotional hardship. Things along these lines.
This foundational distortion pattern has been further distorted through religion, culture, and lineage, often as a way to further exert control over massive numbers of people—further consolidating power at the top, at the expense of those below.
Unlike many distortion patterns that have an emotional or mental indicator, (meaning an awareness that you often feel bad in the same way, or have repetitive negative thoughts or self-talk), spirit debt is insidious because there is no clear, specific indicator for us to know that it is even there at all.
Karen has already addressed this in Full Spectrum Coherence Mastery™ in addition to the Stability, Growth, Opportunities & Leadership Amidst Chaos masterclass, but has realized that more work is still needed on this topic. 
This is such a deep, binding pattern, with so many layers and interrelations with other distortion patterns, that she has been called to give this as a Deep Dive (3-part GFC series) so more people can go deeper to release this nearly universal pattern that is so deeply interwoven and embedded in this consciousness level. This pattern must be removed in order to change our experience of our physical reality and also keep pace with consciousness as it shifts.