Stability, Growth, Opportunities & Leadership Amidst Chaos



This is a very turbulent time. Starting with the wildfires in Australia, then with the COVID-19 pandemic, political turmoil, widespread racial protests, increasing oppression of peaceful protest and intensification of natural disasters, things are getting progressively more chaotic. These events are revealing and intensifying what we have not wanted to look at collectively: systemic oppression, leadership abuse, collective fear and often a shocking lack of personal accountability.

A vast majority of people must look to external things, circumstances and people for a sense of stability, because they are not internally stable enough on their own to weather these intense events. Most of these people find themselves contracted in fear, depressed, numb, or checked out because of the emotional intensity, and/or feeling threatened by all the financial uncertainty.

This is also a very hard time for highly empathic people who might not have been feeling this way initially, but who have a hard time distinguishing themselves and holding their space from what they’re feeling from the collective and what’s being reinforced by all the media.

There are still others, who are stronger internally and who are higher in resonance, that are feeling pretty good, because of their inner strength and resilience most of the time despite or within the growing intensity. Yet even many of these people find themselves struggling occasionally while trying to remain centered despite everything going on around them.

Whichever group you fall into, you may find that the following questions arise:

Why is this happening from a greater perspective? How can I help others during this stressful/harrowing time? Is there something I can do to cultivate more inner stability so I can remain centered and neutral in spite of what’s going on around me? Is it possible to use this time for growth—to generate even more forward momentum and start to be aware of and attract opportunities where we couldn’t before?

In this event, Karen will be addressing:

  • what is happening on spirit level from the big picture
  • how to use chaos to cultivate even more inner stability
  • how to use instability to experience greater growth personally/physically and on spirit level
  • how to fundamentally shift from the perspective of the “s”elf of the ego/mind to the “S”elf of Spirit
  • creating a shift in frequency resonance so we can be aware of and attract new opportunities that were previously not visible to us
  • how we can be the most prepared for the intensity that is likely still to come in the latter part of the year
  • what accountability and leadership in the new consciousness looks like; how to embody it so that we can have more impact for ourselves, those we care about, and our communities, as well as for the ripple effect it has into the oneness
The purpose of this event is to take whoever is called to it, into the Void. The space of absolute nothingness and absolute potential. The place where everything unmanifest originates from.
In this space of absolute nothingness, we are forced to release much of what we think we need and much that we do not want, so that we can experience more of what we truly are.
Infinite. Indestructible. Consciousness.
When we become aware of everything from that perspective,  then you can access stability, growth in opportunity in times of extreme chaos AND you can lead by who you are. The resonance that is you being “S”elf.

What participants are saying:

“I was not expecting anything in particular after doing this weekend but I noticed about a week after the event my private practice getting busier and busier. I ended up adding an extra day at my office to accommodate the increase in patients wanting to come in.  Some were my regulars but I have also consistently gotten 1-2 new clients per week since that event.  It took me until now to notice that this all started happening after the Stability, Growth, Opportunity & Leadership weekend.  It appears that through the increased stability in my spirit, there was growth and opportunity that has blossomed out of that.  Thanks again Karen and Spherical Luminosity team!” – Heather H., California, USA

“Wow wow wow. Major thanks. What a game changer! Especially that last GFC. I feel this is catalyzing huge shifts in life. To have the spatial awareness of big Self and small self simultaneously is complete genius and super beautiful. Thank you both so much. I feel deeply blessed.”
– Michael P., North Carolina, USA

“Truly great class, 8 pages of wonderful notes, huge breakthroughs and upgrades throughout. New confidence. Thank you both so much.”
– Kim M., Arizona, USA

“OMG!!! What a wonderful event this weekend… I can’t explain with words what a truly magical sharing of wisdom, knowing, lightness and abundance that you shared. I know on spirit level it has shifted me. No doubt too that this will continue to be an unravelling and deeper connection with Self and the oneness that is all around. So happy I listened to the knowing that I had to be part of it… Thank you!”
– Pam H. Auckland, NZ