Do you have trouble trusting someone else to do what they say they will? Are you constantly micromanaging? Do you have trouble letting go of control and just letting someone else do something? Do you always have to personally take care of things because no one else does things better than you, and things always have to be “just so”?

Often when we cannot trust we cannot have peace, ease, or contentment because we are so busy trying to handle everything ourselves. This can cause exhaustion, resentment, or a sense of separation and isolation because we do not truly allow others to help us. It also means we cannot truly experience intimacy because we’re so busy looking over our shoulders or having things be our way.

Join Karen in this GFC (Group Frequency Calibration®) where she will work with your Higher Self to help you:

  • Remove distortions of guardedness or defended-ness
  • Heighten the sense of safety within the body
  • Release the fear of letting go
  • Allow for possibilities or outcomes other than what we think we want
  • Release the distortion patterns of hyper-vigilance against those who are perceived as other
  • Strengthening trust in your self so that you can you know you can adapt and transcend whatever comes your way
  • Amplify a sense of your authentic self so you have less fear
  • Honing your intuition and discernment so you have more clarity and better judgment of people and situations