Wonder & The Beginner’s Mind

Do you ever wish you could shake yourself out of boredom, melancholy or just have more fun? Have you noticed that many of the happiest people have a sense of wonder and curiosity to them? It doesn’t really take much for them to be in awe, and therefore they are in a state of openness to joy.

It’s not the external environment that provokes wonder. It is an internal state.

Join Karen as she works with your Higher Self to help:

  • Release the pattern of attachment to things being a certain way
  • Increase the scope of what you notice
  • Delete the frequency of the habitually noticing only the things that you’re used to
  • Let go of expectation that things will be a certain way
  • See the beauty and perfection in things and events, whether they go the way you wanted or not
  • Amplify excitement in discovery

So you can experience more wonder in things both big and small.