Freeing Yourself from Heartbreak



Is there someone you just can’t seem to get over no matter how hard you try? Do you generally feel happy with your new relationship but sometimes a shadow or sadness from your previous one sneaks in? Have you felt like you’ve tried to move on with other relationships but you can’t seem to make them work since the big break up? Do find yourself looking for excuses to avoid meeting a new potential partner because you feel sad or defeated even thinking about moving on?

Sometimes when we leave or end a relationship, even if we know it’s best for both of us, we feel like our hearts are breaking. This can be even more so when we are the ones who feel we’ve been left. For some of us, even when we move on we feel somehow not quite whole.

Join Karen in this GFC (Group Frequency Calibration®) as she works with your higher self to help you:

  • Resolve lingering tendencies toward blame, judgement, or shame
  • Delete the yearning to cling to an old relationship or connection
  • Remove the distorted lens of what happened and gain a higher perspective, understanding, and receive whatever you are meant to learn so you can move on
  • Release frequencies that attract more unhealthy relationships that result in more heartbreak
  • Integrate frequencies of wholeness so you can feel more complete, present, and happy
  • Establish and strengthen your sense of your own space so it doesn’t feel like someone is taking something from you if they leave or the relationship ends

So you can feel more free whether you choose to enter another relationship or not.