Getting Into Universal Flow – Rest and Recuperation



Have you been feeling more exhausted lately?

There is so much happening, both on spirit level as well as all the stuff that’s happening out in the world these days — it can be really hard to feel like you can keep up.

Add stress and financial uncertainty and things can get really, really challenging.

We can feel like we’re getting pulled in all of these different directions.

Impatient, cranky, and judgmental – and just so tired.

And it doesn’t necessarily have to do with how much sleep you’re getting either.

So many people have been saying that even if they’re sleeping fine, they’re still not feeling refreshed when they wake up.

It’s crucial that we take the time to restore our physical life force, a feeling of emotional vibrancy, and reconnect with the infinite universal flow.

When we’re connected with the infiniteness of universal life force, we can relax into it, feel its support and sustain and nurture our individual life force more deeply.

Join Karen in this Deep Dive (3-part GFC series) as she works with your Higher Self so you can release the distortion patterns that keep you from effectively aligning with and accessing the incredible flow of universal life force.