Holding Your Space in Your Sleep



Do you have trouble with nightmares or anxiety dreams? Have you noticed that you wake up feeling not rested? Or you sometimes resist going to sleep even if you’re tired? Perhaps it can even feel like there is a weird presence in your dream, that seems like it’s maybe more than just a dream.

Oftentimes, we can have difficulty holding our space in our sleep, even those of us who are good at it when we’re in our regular waking life.

It can be harder to hold beings or things that are intrusive or lower in frequency resonance outside of our field of energy or spirit body when we’re not in conscious awareness.

If you’d like you’d like to get a better night’s sleep and to keep things from entering your dream and sleep space, then join Karen in this Deep Dive (3-part GFC series) as she works with your Higher Self to not only clear the distortion patterns that enable the intrusion into your sleep space but more importantly, to empower you to hold your space better in your sleep.