Transcending Scarcity of Time



Do you feel like you’re always running out of time? Like there’s never enough time to do everything on your ever-growing, massive to-do list? Or perhaps you feel like you’re perpetually chasing time, trying to keep up with it but feeling like all you ever do is get further behind?

The nature of time is shifting as consciousness rises. If we are resonating in alignment with time as it shifts, we’re more able to experience the spaciousness and expansiveness of time.

The key is to release the distortion patterns that hold us in these scarcity patterns regarding time—very old, heavy patterns that are deeply rooted in the illusion that we are separate, disconnected and finite.

And as we release these distortion patterns our vibration rises and we can start to experience time expansion, which is our natural state when we’re associating with ourselves as the Big “S” Self or infinite, indestructible consciousness.

Imagine what it would feel like if you felt like you had enough time.

Join Karen for this pivotal 3-part Deep Dive to shift your relationship with time.