Learn what the two things are that you will trip you up the most so you can know what they are and leverage them into your greatest teachers. They’re so big they each have their own part! This is part 2.


·        The pain body as seen at frequency level is a little different from the one described by Eckhart Tolle. From Karen’s understanding, it was created as an efficiency system so that you wouldn’t have to relearn everything. It takes in everything that you’ve learned and stores it, including the things that emotionally wound us.

·        A distorted pain body is one that gets triggered easily by change, insecurities, old woundings. It can cause us to be very reactive even if we don’t want to be.

·        It feeds on pain either to self or to other. When we hurt another when the pain body is activated it temporarily relieves the pain body because it has something to feed on. As a result, those with a heavily distorted pain body often cause a lot of drama and pain in others in order for their pain bodies to be satiated.

·        The pain body can be influenced by past lives and lineage. It can also be triggered and manipulated by external control sources and lineage

·        There is a spectrum of light to dark and it’s important to understand it and be aware of what can happen at the extremes (watch full episode to learn more about this)

·        The pain body can be one of our greatest teachers because it shows us where we are weak, where we need to strengthen, and where we need to look because we are so reactive in these particular ways that are specific to us. We can use it as a tool to allow us to see ourselves more clearly and therefore accelerate forward more quickly.