When I was growing up I really wanted a Big Wheel. Do you remember those things? It was a super low-slung plastic tricycle with a huge front wheel. And they were SO fun to ride!

A friend of my sister’s had one and sometimes he’d let us ride it. 

There was something about being that low to the ground and the position of the pedals that made it seem like you could really haul ass in that thing.

Plus it made a great noise when you rode it.

One day something happened to that friend’s Big Wheel—that likely had something to do with him doing some sort of jump off of a curb—that caused the front wheel to be a little bit askew, so you’d always have to steer harder to the right in order to keep it going straight.

It was sort of cool to ride it, but ever since that fateful sidewalk incident, the experience wasn’t as fun, or as free and somehow it didn’t seem quite as fast as it did before.

When things aren’t in alignment, whether it’s a Big Wheel or whether it’s the way we render our reality, it can really affect the experience and momentum of the whole.

In this week’s episode, (#119), Tia and I discuss how to create the most efficiency in the system that is us, and how when that level of harmony exists it can lead to success in every aspect of our life.

The GFC (Group Frequency Calibration®) at the end will help you release the distortion patterns that keep you from experiencing that higher level order of efficiency.

When we’re in alignment things can be so much smoother and much more magical.

Let’s rise together!



  • Often people think about their physical experience and spiritual experience as separate. But focusing on one or the other doesn’t lead to an epic life. The missing piece is coherence: It’s critical for expressing and embodying our greatest potential, so we can live our best lives. 

  • Coherence is when a system runs efficiently as a whole. If just one thing is a little off in your high-performance bicycle, it can drastically affect the speed of the bike. For your system to run as efficiently as possible, you need coherence on three levels: spirit, physical, and the space between spirit and physical. This allows for a full experience of all the growth and learning available while embodied.

  • Coherence on all three levels will facilitate the most change, acceleration, and the smoothest ride. Often, when people start doing frequency work, the spirit takes off, while the physical body — being denser and slower in vibration than spirit — lags behind. Many people can get stuck in this dissonance, not experiencing much change in their physical reality, and sometimes even getting physically symptomatic. 

  • Many folks, for a number of reasons, may even disassociate from their bodies.  Disassociating from the body means you’re also disassociated from space and time, which dictates how you’re able to co-create your reality. If you really want to have spiritual acceleration, it’s important to be in the body — present in both space and time.

  • To bring yourself into more coherence quickly, you can:

    1. Triangulate
    2. Become aware of your connection to Pure Source
    3. Become aware of your spirit body at arm’s length all around you

This will give you the most influence over your reality and how it shows up.

  • The more coherent you are, the more your resonance can rise, because the whole system is working together. As that happens, you’ll know how to buoy yourself even more within your available frequency bandwidth. And you’ll be better able to fine-tune your system and express the potential within yourself even more clearly.