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I was 16 when I went on my first date ever.

I remember thinking hard about what I was going to wear. I tried on different outfits (I really didn’t have that many but there was still somehow a lot of deliberation) and practiced applying make-up I had just purchased from the drugstore.

It didn’t seem to matter what I settled on, I didn’t quite feel “ready”.

On that date and afterwards in phone calls to my girlfriends, it really mattered to me what that guy thought about me.

I really bought into the idea that having a boyfriend would somehow complete me.

So many of us believe that something outside of us will complete us: another person, a job, money or even the divine. When we get that thing, or experience it, or finish it, then we’ll feel whole, good, worthy — the list goes on forever.

In this week’s episode of Mastering Your World Through Frequencies, Tia and I discuss the “ultimate relationship,” what it is, how it defines all our other relationships (including the one with ourselves, to abundance and to time) and how to clarify it.

After the discussion, the GFC (Group Frequency Calibration®) will begin to help you have the momentum to be aware of and start to release some of these horrible distortion patterns.

Without releasing the distortion patterns around this fundamental relationship, we can spin for a long time feeling incomplete, somehow not worthy, like there’s not enough (fill in the blank), etc.

It’s time to kick these patterns to the curb and bring this essential relationship to a whole new level.

Let’s rise together!



  • Your most important relationship is the one you have with Pure Source. When this relationship is clarified, you’re able to enter what Karen refers to as the beloved state: This is when you recognize your wholeness and that you’re beloved by the One Infinite Creator — without having to do or change anything. You’re beloved simply because you are.In the old consciousness, humans have been in scarcity and mostly sought outside of themselves for a sense of completion. Whether it’s a relationship, a job, or a spiritual journey leading to a connection with the divine — we’ve tended to regard the missing piece as something external to ourselves.
  • The old consciousness is defined by old, dense patterns. Scarcity, low self-worth and non-deserving all stem from the illusion of separation from the divine. The illusion of separation that results from the veil of forgetting reinforces the urge to seek outside of oneself for completion. For a majority of people, the control and oppression that are rife in this lower consciousness level are a natural consequence of believing themselves separate from one another and from the divine.
  • As you rise in consciousness and clear distortion patterns, you’ll likely get glimpses of what it means to be in the beloved state. And you realize that everyone and everything is beloved as well.
  • An embodied knowingness of the beloved state changes the way you’ll treat others and the planet — and the way you’ll allow yourself to be treated. As more people embody this awareness, it’ll change governments, systems, etc. It can’t help but change the world. Away from suffering and lack, we’ll move into love.
  • Many kids born into the new consciousness still have the veil of forgetting, but they’ll forget less. It’ll take less for them to remember their beloved state, because they already know that they’re more than their human experience. Most adults have to do more work to remember.
  • Once you’ve experienced a glimpse of the beloved state, you can’t forget it. Even if you don’t always experience it, you’ll have a touchstone of being in that resonance. The more you get to entrain to this high resonance, the more you can embody it. And holding your resonance in the presence of others allows them to entrain to your field.