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Have you ever had this experience? You head off to a retreat or seminar, thinking that you’re going for a particular purpose, but ultimately what actually unfolds is so much more than you expected.

That happens A LOT for me, so I’ve learned to very quickly look for and let go of any expectations that I might unconsciously allow to form.

The most momentous example of this for me was when I signed up to go to a 12 day retreat in Sedona on Piercing The Absolute.

At the time, I had no idea what that meant, to be honest. I’d been referred to the teacher by a friend and was intrigued by the topic, but I went in there with some hesitation because for some reason that I couldn’t pinpoint, I wasn’t fully sold on the whole experience.

But I KNEW I HAD to go.

After the first morning session, I knew that this program wasn’t right for me. My intuition told me that Instead of continuing to attend, it would be better for me to meditate on my own. On the surface, it seemed like a somewhat strange decision to make, since I had paid for the seminar in full, gotten myself out to Sedona, and rented an AirBnB for almost two weeks—but the feeling was strong and I trusted that it would be best to listen.

Sitting on the couch in that apartment in Sedona, I had a pivotal 9 hour meditation where I broke through the “Veil of Forgetting” for the first time. It was then that my abilities came in. In retrospect, I’m so grateful that I listened to that intuitive knowing.

If you’ve been reading my emails lately, you’ve likely noticed that I’ve been talking about the importance of living our brilliance at this time of polarization and turmoil.

But what does it mean to live your brilliance—what can that actually look like?

In this special episode (#143) of Mastering Your World Through Frequencies, I speak with Susie Bird, a Spherical Luminosity community member who attended the Sensuality, Sexuality & Power in the Transcendent Feminine retreat we gave in September—where something quite unexpected happened.

Something shifted for her at the retreat, and afterwards she became extremely aware of her brilliance. For her, that awareness resulted in a new state of being where she was now able to live from her brilliance. What has her experience been like? How has it changed her? What did she struggle with before that is different now? And is this something that’s possible for the rest of us as well?

At the end, the GFC (Group Frequency Calibration®) will help you to begin to release the distortion patterns that prevent you from being aware of or connecting with your brilliance.

Without releasing these distortions, we limit the potential we can embody.

Let’s rise together!


  • Susie began frequency work looking for relief — looking to reclaim the lightness and joy she’d felt as a kid.
  • As an adult, two difficult experiences — getting sober and getting out of a toxic relationship — were pivotal in up-leveling different aspects of her spiritual awareness.
  • After leaving the toxic relationship, she discovered frequency work. At her first in-person frequency work retreat, she knew the work would change her life.
  • Her recent bout with Covid-19 came as she was integrating the frequency work from a potent retreat with Spherical Luminosity. Covid amplified this work, and Susie got the opportunity to experience her connection with her brilliance in visceral, prolonged, and expansive ways.
  • As she integrates the intensity of this spiritual experience, Susie has a knowingness that everything unfolding in life is for her greater good.