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Many of us want something different than what we typically experience, yet we all seem to have certain limits that we can’t even imagine beyond.

For example, for some people who want more money, they can easily imagine receiving a million dollars but when it gets to over $15 million, it’s hard for them to even conceive of that as a possibility for themselves.

It’s an interesting self-limitation because to Pure Source and to your Higher Self, $1 million and $15 million are not significantly different.

This money example is just one easy one — there are ALL kinds of ways that we limit ourselves.

In this week’s episode (#169) Tia and I talk about what creates self-limitation and how we can move beyond it.

The GFC (Group Frequency Calibration®) associated with this episode will help you start to break that glass ceiling of self-limitation.

Without releasing the distortion patterns that cause us to limit ourselves, our options and possibilities very often stay stuck within the confines of what we have already experienced.  

Let’s start breaking free.

Let’s rise together!™




Have you ever felt or sensed that there should be so many more options open to you, but for whatever reason you weren’t able to access those better possibilities?

What creates self-limitation? And how can we move beyond it?

Today we’re discussing the root of self-limitation, how to move beyond it and what is possible when we do.