Chris and I have been together for 25 years and married for 21 of them.

That sounds long but it feels weirdly short at the same time.

When we’d been dating for a couple of years, I remember a friend telling me that after year 7 (if you got that far), every relationship became boring and predictable.

She isn’t alone. It seems to be the commonly held belief that that is the fate of any intimate relationship.

Passion fades with time. Routine sets in.

This seems to happen not only with intimate relationship. It happens with friendships, family and even with ourselves.

Does it have to?

In this week’s episode (#44), Dennis and I discuss how to cultivate more aliveness, passion, fun, wonder and adventure. Not only is it possible to cultivate this from the perspective of making life more awesome, but it’s actually important and beneficial for acceleration on one’s spirit journey.

The free Group Frequency Calibration® (GFC) at the end is the most important part. It will begin to help you to move into a state of being that is curious, wonder-filled and grateful for life.

If we don’t remove the distortions that keep us stuck in routine, life becomes dull and just more of the same.

Here’s to celebrating LIFE!

Until next time,


  • We tend to fall into routine in our lives because as humans we like certainty, meaning we like to know what is going to happen next because it gives us a feeling of comfort and safety.
  • Particularly in intimate relationship, we are taught that intimacy or closeness means knowing everything about the other.
  • Passion, however, stems from not knowing, the excitement of the unknown, the yet to be discovered.
  • The feeling of aliveness often comes from a sense of uncertainty and then surrender to that uncertainty
  • To find out two specific methods to amp up aliveness, passion, play and adventure in our closest relationships (not just intimate – friends and family as well) in addition to examples, watch the full episode.
  • The key to success is to prioritize and actually schedule into our lives the methods above.
  • The boundary between fear and excitement is very thin.
  • The more we cultivate and allow ourselves to surrender into and navigate uncertainty and the unknown (within a relatively safe container, of course), the easier it is to surrender on a greater level in our spiritual journeys, which is absolutely key to spiritual acceleration.
  • The more we do frequency work, the more we find ourselves “not needing to know” because we are strong enough internally on spirit level that we don’t constantly need certainty from a mental construct of the known. We have a deep, experiential awareness that the idea or feeling of control is illusory (even when we’re having the experience of feeling or being in control).
  • As our frequency level rises we lessen our expectations around what is coming next, which allows us to roll more easily with whatever shows up because we’re simply less attached. This opens us to more wonder and curiosity about what will happen, as opposed to expecting something to be a certain way whether positive or negative. This in turn allows for more magic and possibility because we are more open to and present with what is. When we are present we get to go beyond the box of what we think our world is into what it could be.