Learn what it means to recognize your brilliance, how to do that, and what to watch out for along the way.


•  An individual’s spiritual journey often begins with seeking outside of oneself. But finding that elusive ‘it’ actually comes from looking within.

•  Experiencing your brilliance is a recognition of the divine within—a knowingness that you no longer need to seek outside of yourself for love, worthiness, or validation. It’s the realization that you’re an integral part of the All That Is.

•  Each human has this brilliance. It’s what animates us all. But it’s often not so easy to see it in ourselves—or others. The ego mind, our pain bodies, our distortion patterns—they all play key roles in blinding us to our brilliance.

•  A lot of the distortion patterns around claiming our brilliance are related to religious, cultural, and lineage conditioning. External control sources also have an interest in keeping us from claiming our brilliance—we’re easier to control if we’re led to believe that we need an intermediary between ourselves and Pure Source.

•  Experiencing your brilliance isn’t a mental thing. It’s not as easy as repeating a mantra. It’s a realization that comes from clearing sufficient distortion patterns and rising in vibration level to the point where you can have the experiential knowingness of your own brilliance.

•  We all rise together. Children born now—during a time of a higher level of consciousness—can more easily remember their brilliance. And when they remember, it helps the collective remember, because we are all part of the All That Is.

•  You’re still human. Having moments of forgetting your brilliance is part of the journey. But the realization won’t really go away: you’ll get faster at catching the self-doubt, the limiting stories, the negative thoughts of the ego mind—no matter how real they can feel at the time.