“If you had three wishes, what would they be?”

My sister and I used to play this game all the time when we were growing up.

I always to wanted have some form of super power. I mean, what kid doesn’t?

When we played the game the answer “infinite wishes” was deemed lame –  a total cop out answer. But what if we could have infinite wishes come true?

In this week’s episode Dennis and I discuss the power of manifestation from the mind vs. from spirit. The two methodologies to successful manifestation, the pitfalls of manifestation from the mind that most people are not aware of, and what you need to know in order to successfully manifest.

The free Group Frequency Calibration® (GFC) at the end is the most important part – it will begin to help remove the blocks that are preventing you from manifesting more easily, effectively and efficiently.

Without clearing these distortion patterns, we remain in the realm of wishing for something different but not able to bring things into form.

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  • Most people want to manifest because they want what they don’t already have.
  • You can manifest successfully using the mind coupled with emotion, but when you do that without harnessing spirit, then you create in duality. You will create the thing you want and then a shadow. For example, creating massive financial abundance only to lose all of it, ending up in a worse place than when you started.
  • Additionally, when you do get what you think you want, because you’re not complete internally from spirit level what comes in feels kind of empty. You enjoy it for a little while, and then you just want something else, something new that feels like it’ll make things better. Whereas when you are complete from spirit perspective, whatever comes in is at best very joyful and fun, and at worst neutral because you know you’re already complete and you don’t need whatever it is to make you whole. There’s just not the same attachment.
  • When you manifest from spirit you can create in unity  – which means that there’s no shadow.
  • Until we remove enough of our distortion patterns, though, it’s very difficult to create from spirit, without attachment. Our distortion patterns are the first roadblock to creating from spirit.
  • The second roadblock is that the more we yearn for or desire something, the more it is externalized and polarized from us and therefore it gets further and further away making it harder for us to manifest it
  • You can begin the process of manifesting as you start to clear your distortion patterns. There is no magic point you have to wait for. That said, the higher you are in you frequency level and the fewer distortion patterns you have, the faster, more efficient, easier, more fun and more abundant manifestation becomes.
  • As your frequency level rises, what you want will shift because what you perceive as important shifts as the distortion patterns which inform what you think you want drop away.
  • And as your frequency level rises you ironically want less and less, even as your ability to manifest gets clearer and faster, because you become neutral to what you intend to create. You have preference and desire but are not attached to having whatever it is.
  • Neutrality is a natural consequence of doing frequency work. We come into a state of more wonder, joy and excitement about the things that we do experience because we release the distortion patterns that create expectations or attachment, as well as those that make us feel like we’ll be more complete if we have whatever it is we wish to create.