When I was about four, I asked my mom where babies came from.

She was a nurse and she wasn’t going to tell me some story about a stork.

I’d never been to a library, but she took me to our local public library and I took out my first book – on where babies come from. 

We sat down and read it together. I kinda understood what happened, but I didn’t understand why you’d want it to happen.

I had to wait until my late teens to get that bit.

Sex is densely laden with distortion patterns from religion, lineage, and culture.

This week, in Episode 39, Dennis and I talk about sex and spirit, how sex can accelerate you forward or slow you down on spirit level, what spirit sex is, why you DEFINITELY want to experience it and what you need to know to get there.

The free Group Frequency Calibration® (GFC) at the end is the most important part – it will begin to help clear the distortion patterns around sex, so you can not only have a better physical experience but a better spirit experience too.

Without clearing the distortions around this, you can easily get slowed down or have your frequency lowered when you have sex.

Here’s to the awesomeness of spirit sex!

Until next time,



  • Often in religions, sex is negated because it’s considered sinful or dirty or lowly BUT as our frequency vibration rises and our consciousness rises, sex can be a tool to ascend even higher if it’s used correctly.
  • There are, however, a TON of distortion patterns around sex before we can use it to ascend. There are so many distortions piled on from abuse, oppression, religion, culture and lineage, but once we clear those patterns within ourselves it is possible to use sex as a tool to accelerate spiritually.
  • The act of sex is a physical, energetic and spirit merging which has consequence. To learn more about the three possible outcomes when we have this kind of merging on spirit level, watch the full episode.
  • When you have two beings who have cleared enough distortion patterns that they are complete in and of themselves on spirit level, when they have sexual intimacy both are buoyed up and are stronger when they separate after the act because there is no need to have the other for a sense of completion.
  • We all run sexual energy within ourselves. The more distortion patterns we remove the less that energy scatters around us. With more focused sexual energy, the need to have sex with different people diminishes because the energy is running cleanly and completely within ourselves. Polyamory is always still an option, but it’s a choice rather than a need.
  • If intimate partners are at very different levels, once one starts to really move on spirit level it can cause some friction because some partners don’t like to be dragged, some people can’t tolerate dragging another, and there is detox that can be experienced by both parties. So some relationships will break, while others will accelerate if the partner of the lower resonation can overcome that friction and starts to follow the other on spirit level. Karen has no agenda, is neutral and does not coach in sessions around this – she simply clears the distortion patterns and lets Pure Source take it from there.
  • Spirit sex is when two beings who are internally complete on spirit level come together in sexual intimacy. It acts as a reset into the experience of the Oneness, one merges deeper into an experience of the Eternal Now, there is a clearer experience of Pure Source energy and there is a clearer sense of things purely from spirit level. The ego mind drops completely away. This higher level state is longer lasting than the physicality of the orgasm. As a result of this sexual merging, each being is higher in frequency vibration when they separate than before they began.