Learning From Mistakes – Special 2-Part GFC



Have you ever made a mistake and beat yourself up for it for days, weeks, and for some, even years after the mistake happened? Do you find yourself hesitating or not moving forward toward possibilities or opportunities because you’re afraid of making a mistake and looking stupid as a result?
We all make mistakes, but how we respond to those mistakes very much dictates how much change, growth, opportunity, and expansiveness we can experience.
But we tend to have so many distortions around this — from our lineage, culture and even our past experiences from this lifetime. Distortions of shame, a sense of failure, over-sensitivity to the judgement of others, and resistance to moving into the unknown because we’re too afraid to make mistakes. This can be paralyzing for many of us.
If you’d like to shift from being paralyzed by mistakes you’ve made in the past, an over-sensitivity to judgment by others, or a resistance to trying new things because of the fear of mistakes, into a greater trust in yourself, confidence that even if you don’t know the answer right now, you’ll be able to figure it out so you can adapt to and transcend the obstacles that you will inevitably face, then join Karen for this special two-part GFC (Group Frequency Calibration®).