My first crush was Potsie on Happy Days.

He was funny, a good friend, a nice guy who seemed to care about doing the right thing and l thought he was SUPER cute.

These days it seems like it’s really confusing how to be a good man.

The old paradigm of the masculine with its overbearing, abusive need to control and prove how powerful it is, seems to be rife in some segments of society.

The sensitive guy who is apologizing for who he is, or is whiny, or entitled doesn’t seem quite right either.

The “awakened masculine” as it’s often portrayed basically seems kind of effeminate.

Where is the role model for a more highly resonating masculine, expressed authentically, with naturally expressed authority and power without apology AND without a need to oppress or control?

In this week’s episode, Dennis and I discuss the second segment in the three part mini series on the new paradigm of the Transcendent Feminine, the Transcendent Masculine, and the unique ratio that is within us.

We talk about what the Transcendent Masculine is, how it’s different and of a clearer and higher order than the old paradigm and how when embodied it has a natural, incredibly powerful authority that has wisdom without oppression or the need to control.

The free Group Frequency Calibration® (GFC) at the end will help to clear the very dense layers of distortion of the old paradigm masculine.

As with last week’s GFC, this can actually be helpful for anyone, regardless of what ratio of masculine and feminine they express, because we all have some amount of both, and we’re all affected by old paradigm gender constructs.

Without clearing these patterns, the masculine tends to get bogged down in very old patterns of power and abuse.

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  • The old paradigm of the masculine is often is associated with authority, power, control (and often the abuse and oppression associated with those things), as well as focus and achievement.
  • While there is more freedom now for the masculine to express something else, there is also another distortion for men in their 30s and 40s where they have feminine frequencies running through them – often because their mothers wanted them to not be within the traditional abusive paradigm of the masculine.
  • As a result there is a confusion for men about how to authentically embody the masculine without being abusive or controlling.
  • The Transcendent Masculine rises above the old paradigm because – as with the Transcendent Feminine – it is an expression of a higher consciousness and a new order. Characterized by a feeling of completeness and wholeness on spirit level, as a natural consequence there is a higher level authority established by a higher frequency level. There is no need to prove one’s power, to wield it in a way that abusive, because that authority simply emanates naturally and effortlessly from his beingness. He has what Karen calls “spiritual mass” or a magnetism from a higher order. This is not a construct of the human mind of what is manly. It is an expression of the masculine global setting without the human distortions.
  • Someone embodying the Transcendent Masculine, because he is complete on spirit level, is comfortable with authentic expression of emotion without drama or the need to wallow in it (which can be a distortion of the feminine frequencies). So emotion is experienced naturally, moves on, and is not suppressed. He is also comfortable with others’ expression of emotion without needing to “fix” it.
  • If a person in a male body identifies more with the Transcendent Feminine as he clears his distortion patterns, that aspect in addition to the Transcendent Masculine will rise in whatever proportion or ratio is authentic to him.
  • There is less desire to control or be controlled because the Transcendent Masculine does not have fear about whether his authority will be taken seriously because he does not have low self worth or non-deserving. There is no need to control or oppress in order to feel powerful.
  • In intimate relationship between the Transcendent Feminine and the Transcendent Masculine there is no need for one to control the other because each are complete from spirit level.
  • The Transcendent Masculine rises in contribution and service to others not because it’s required but because it becomes a natural expression of their higher consciousness.
  • When people embodying the Transcendent Masculine and the Transcendent Feminine are relating to one another, on whatever level of intimacy, each allows the other to rise even more, causing an upward spiraling momentum towards even higher level consciousness.
  • Positive masculine traits from the old paradigm such as honor, strength, courage, etc., come from a much higher order and are no longer bound by obligation and expectation.