When I was in grade school, I LOVED recess.
Man, once that recess bell started to ring, I was bolting to get to the green field and the trees behind the school.
We’d kick off our shoes and run around like little maniacs.
Sometimes if I was fast enough, I could save the space in the little arbor of trees for my friends, where we could sit and trade stickers or tell stories. I always felt so much better when I got back inside.
Although who made recess only 20 minutes? WAY too short.
I realize now that one of the big reasons I loved recess so much when I was six is because I got to be outside.
In this episode, Dennis and I talk about how to tap into an unlimited reservoir of pure power, (i.e., the frequencies of Mother Earth) to help us feel more resourced when we feel depleted.
The free Group Frequency Calibration® (GFC) at the end is the most important part – it will help to amplify the Earth frequencies so even if you can’t go outside physically you can benefit from the grounding.

Without the grounding of Earth frequencies it is much harder to discharge the electromagnetic radiation from digital devices, television and other things that create EMFs. Without being able to release these, our bodies can start to distort physically, causing symptoms that range from mild to severe.
If we can tap into these Earth frequencies more, they help to give us the stability to move faster on spirit level.
Until next time!



  • Mother Earth, or expressed through nature, is an unlimited reservoir of pure power that we can tap into.
  • There is a very pure frequency that runs through and from Mother Earth. It is important to connect to that frequency since it helps to reset us into the collective present now and remove distortion patterns.
  • Spending time in nature, such as in the woods or at the beach, drops us into the collective present moment. This allows us to discharge from our bodies electromagnetic radiation from digital devices, television and other things that create EMFs
  • The experience of connecting  with Mother Earth is often referred to as “grounding.” Putting your bare feet on the Earth for just 20-40 minutes can remove free radicals and protect against EMF exposure. (Please refer to the book “Earthing” by Clinton Ober, Stephen T. Sinatra, Martin Zucke).
  • You can use earthing mats or intentionally connect with plants, rocks or crystals, and animals (i.e., pets if you have them) to help you harness Earth frequencies when bad weather or other conditions prevent you from being outside.
  • Additionally, indoor light bulbs that mimic full spectrum natural sunlight are easier for your body to integrate than bluer light options.
  • It’s important to be mindful of being on digital devices as these have a flicker rate that causes us to go into a trance like-state and  become unaware of our body and our surroundings. Digital devices also emit electromagnetic radiation that cause physical toxicity and breakdown if not neutralized in some way (again please refer to Earthing)