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I remember my very first real boyfriend. He was super funny, tall, cute and did I mention funny? I’m SUCH a sucker for funny guys.

I was 17 and of course, there had been many, many hours of phone calls to my girlfriends about what he’d said, what it meant, and naturally, what I was going to wear.

There was all of this hormonal chemistry. GAH!

But when we finally did actually start to date, I was really afraid he’d leave. Run off with some other cuter girl. Maybe who made him laugh more than I did.

The irony was, now that he was no longer courting me and because I was so enamored of him, he started to be less vested in my happiness in the relationship (this is when I started noticing that he could actually be kind of a jerk, despite the initial chemistry).

So I put up with worse and worse behavior, until finally, I couldn’t take it anymore and I reluctantly called it off.

Yes. Reluctantly. Even though it was clear that it was abusive and not so great for me.

I noticed as I grew older, that relationships, whether intimate relationships or just close relationships like friendships or with siblings or parents, are often intertwined with fear.

Fear for them, fear that something will happen to them, or even fear that we’ll upset them and they’ll leave. And on the flip side, there can also be fear that we might be making a mistake when we’re evaluating whether to enter a relationship with someone.

It might seem counter-intuitive, but it’s actually really common.

In this episode, Fiona and I talk about how deeply fear is intertwined with love, what’s possible when it’s not, and how to get to a totally different paradigm-shifting place where love does NOT have to be present in the relationship.

The Group Frequency Calibration® (GFC) associated with this episode will help you to start to release that unwanted element of fear that can negatively impact your relationships.

Without clearing these distortions, closeness can often be a double-edged sword.

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Have you noticed how complicated relationships can be sometimes?

Someone might think that they’re being clear and loving but that’s not how it’s received AT ALL. Some people have a hard time being authentic or saying “no” because at some level they’re worried about not being lovable or even likable. Others feel like they’re always being left out or don’t BELONG anywhere.

In this episode, we talk about why all that happens in the old paradigm and how things are starting to shift as consciousness rises and we move into the new paradigm.