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When I was growing up, there was a lot of emphasis placed on getting good marks.

Whenever I got “A”s my parents would acknowledge it—yet at the same time making it clear that that was the expectation.

And man, if I got anything lower, let’s just say it was trouble.

So for me, getting anything lower than an A was an indication that I was failing.

Fast forward to adulthood. Uh oh.

I noticed that any time a suggestion was made about how I could do better, whether it was by a boss or by my peers, in the moment I’d feel crushed.

Literally, I’d feel my heart sink, I’d feel like I wanted to cry.

All from a suggestion.

Why in the heck was that happening?

Hellooooooo pain body…

In this episode, Fiona and I dive into what the pain body is, what it’s supposed to be for, the impact it can have when it’s distorted, and why we can’t just get rid of the danged thing.

The Group Frequency Calibration® (GFC) associated with this episode will help you to gain more distance from your thoughts and emotions so you can be aware of when your pain body is acting up.

Without clearing these distortion patterns it’s really easy to find ourselves at the mercy of our distorted pain bodies.

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Did you know that one of the things that can keep you stuck in self-blame, being triggered and stuck in the same emotional reactions is something called your pain body?

It can cause all kinds of drama. And it can really feel like you’re in a hamster wheel of reactivity.

In this episode, which is a brand-new take on a topic we initially released a few years ago, we revisit what the pain body is, how it can stop us in our tracks, why we can’t just get rid of the dang thing, and how it can actually help us when it’s clear and functioning properly.