Find out how frequencies dictate your reality and what you can do to change it.


· Frequencies govern form or what we know as the physical reality. So no matter what you do from a behavior or mental standpoint, if you don’t change the underlying frequency patterns, you can effect only limited change in the physical reality no matter how hard you try, how much time you spend, how much coaching you get. Change the frequencies. Change your reality.

 · Distortion patterns are what keep you from expressing your true essence and having your best life (watch the full episode to understand what frequencies and distortions are and how they work).

 · The places you get stuck in your life over and over again show you where the distortions patterns are the strongest. For example, you may not get the pay raises or accoloades or promotions that your colleagues seem to even though you outproduce them; you may have a distortion pattern with money where you make a lot but then it all seems to leave quickly; you may have health challenges even though you’re super focused on eating well, exercising and self care; you may be an awesome, attractive person and yet you always seem to attract jerks in your intimate relationships.

 ·The possibilities that are available to you expand exponentially as you experience frequency work (listen to the full episode to find out how) which means that more opportunities and synchronicities appear, people step in to help in unexpected ways and better realities than what you currently can conceive of become available to you.

 · The benefits of frequency work include: as we become more complete from a spirit perspective, we experience a certain type of freedom because we no longer need external sources (people, things, circumstances) to make us happy (watch the full episode to learn more about what frequency work can do for you).

 · Eventually with enough clearing, we can experience spherical luminosity − abundance on all levels, in all directions.

 · The free Group Frequency Calibration on “Clearing the Way” will help you to begin to clear the distortion patterns that are keeping you stuck.