I don’t know about you, but there are days when my emotions feel stronger, more overwhelming than others − particularly if they’re negative. Have you had one of those days?

It can be hard to pull ourselves out of a funk, especially when our minds join in the “everything sucks” party, and we start to loop in a negative emotional pattern.

In this week’s episode Dennis and I get to the heart of the matter by distinguishing “emotion” from “feeling”.

This is critical for being able to pull yourself out of that negative pattern when you start to get bogged down in your feelings.   

Just as importantly, you can learn how to use emotions as a catalyst for change, growth and ultimately ascension.

Without knowing this distinction and without clearing the distortion patterns we can often feel like our feelings are true and they start to create the filter through which we experience our world.

We then run the frequency patterns that will attract more of those experiences with those same emotions. The rut we’re in gets deeper. So. Not. Cool.

The Group Frequency Calibration® (GFC) at the end is the most important part. It will help you to begin to remove some of the denser emotional patterns so you can shed some of the things that are keeping you stuck AND you can start to gain some distance from your feelings. Phew!

Until next time!

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–        There is a difference between emotion and feeling

–        Emotion is a purely natural, instinctual response to a situation. There is no mind involved. A true emotion lasts only a few seconds to a couple of minutes.

–        A feeling is an emotional state perpetuated by the mind. We no longer are in the situation that caused the emotion but our minds put us back in that situation and we continue to emotionally react and live as if that same situation is happening even though it happened hours, days, months and sometimes years ago.

–        A feeling can further distort and become so rigid that it becomes our identity

–        How feelings show up in the masculine and the feminine are often dictated by culture, and the result of distortion patterns from culture, religion and sometimes past lives. This influences what we typically accept as what is and is not appropriate for the masculine or the feminine to express and how to express them

–        Distortion patterns can perpetuate the same emotions over and over again which then conditions what kinds of thoughts we have and what we’re willing to experience

–        Emotions can have an impact on physical body and can cause disease

–        The “negative” emotions (the ones that we tend to try to avoid like fear, anger, worry, anxiety) can be extraordinarily beneficial. Either because they can be a catalyst or because they are a signpost of what we need to pay attention to and see in ourselves.

–        In this way, emotions are a change agent.

–        Feelings keep us stuck because it is the mind trapping us in the past and looping us into the same patterns and ruts. People can become attached and addicted to those feelings, in addition to their thoughts, conclusions, assumptions. It’s important to ask, are they serving us?