Most of us in our culture are afraid of death. We’re not very well educated (if at all) on what the death process is like.

It’s normally considered rude to talk about death, so it stays murky. Because it’s such a great unknown, the very idea of death can trigger a lot of fear even though it’s an inevitable part of the life cycle.

When my father passed away in January of 2017, he gave me a tremendous gift.

He took me through the death experience while I was conscious so I could remember what happened and then share it with others  – it was made clear to me that sharing was both important and required.

In this week’s discussion (Ep. 40), Dennis and I talk about the death process so you can be prepared for what will happen, how awakening is a game changer in both the physical death experience and your choices upon death. 

This is one of the most personal episodes we have filmed.

The free Group Frequency Calibration® (GFC) at the end of this episode is the most important part. It will begin to help you remove the distortion patterns of fear and discomfort with the death process.

Until we clear these distortion patterns the inevitability of the death process, coupled with the fear that most people have around it because of lack of understanding its true nature, can unnecessarily cause tremendous distortion in a process that can actually be one of grace.

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  • Learn about the death process from spirit perspective, how awakening before death can ease the physical process and how it tremendously impacts your future options.
  • In our culture we often shy away from frank discussions about dying and the death process, but it’s not that way in all cultures.
  • Both the Tibetans and the Egyptians, to name two, had books specifically about the death process, preparing people to navigate it. This sort of preparation can completely change someone’s future possibilities.
  • Karen shares the near death experience her father took her through when he passed away in January, 2017, and the death experience she helped her aunt (his only sister) through a few months later, so you can know what to expect and be better prepared.