I grew up in the 70s and one of my favorite shows when I was little was “The Mutual of Omaha’s Wild Kingdom”.

I was fascinated by all the animals.

There was one episode that particularly stuck in my mind—the one on gorillas.

In one scene in that episode, a gorilla was sitting in front of a huge ant hill with a long stick in his hand. He’d jam that thing right down into the ant hill, wait a few seconds, pull out the stick and eye (with what looked to me like great satisfaction) all the ants running around on the end of the stick—and then suck them all right off the stick. 

Apparently that’s a delicious snack if you’re a gorilla.

He’d do it again and again, seeming to be enjoying himself very much.

That stick was obviously an excellent ant snack tool. Who knew?

Sometimes when we’re trying to find solutions to problems, we think that we need to come up with something complicated or fancy, but our friend the gorilla is reminding us that sometimes the simplest tools can be the most effective.

In this week’s episode (#101) Dennis and I discuss one of the most powerful tools in our frequency work tool kit. 

The free GFC (Group Frequency Calibration®) at the end will help you begin to release the distortions preventing you from using this tool more often and with the greatest effectiveness.

Without it, we’re not empowered to use our free will in the most effective way.

Let’s rise together!



  • What tool can dictate the speed at which we rise in resonance and determine how quickly our physical reality shifts to keep up? Confirming the removal of the distortion pattern. Not everyone knows about it or is willing or ready to use it. But if you are, it’s an incredibly powerful way to shift your reality.
  • When you do any kind of frequency work with Karen, her role is to remove distortion patterns on spirit level. But in order to completely remove a distortion pattern out of our fields, we have to remove it from the denser physical level as well. Deleting the pattern from the lower-resonating realm is how you really change your rendering.
  • When we release patterns on spirit level, they’re typically found in the space between your physical body and spirit body (which is at arm’s length all around you with the physical body at its center). But they still need to be released out of the physical body at the center of your rendering. That’s where confirming the removal comes in.
  • The reason it’s so important to confirm the removal is because of free will. Frequency work is a collaboration. If you aren’t willing or ready to take personal accountability, you can (easily) call the distortion patterns back in.
  • How can you confirm the removal of distortion patterns? After you receive frequency work, stay aware and notice yourself. Watch to see what life gives you as you integrate the work. Opportunities to confirm the removal may show up in different ways, perhaps in your emotions or thoughts. Then, there’s a thorough process you can follow; the steps are captured in a GFC.
  • When the removal process is complete, you may experience a knowingness that the patterns are gone. Or a physical sensation. Others will just have to trust that the process is complete. Some may experience the removal as a form of detox. No matter how you experience the removal of distortion patterns, having the personal accountability to confirm the removal can often mean swift changes in your spiritual and physical reality.