Neutrality isn’t apathy — but what is it, exactly? In this episode, we’re diving into neutrality: what it is, why it’s important, and how it can be especially beneficial in turbulent times.


  • Neutrality is something a lot of people are trying to cultivate, often without knowing exactly what it is. There’s a lot of misconception about neutrality in our culture. It’s not a state that you can create with your mind, though—it’s experienced as you release distortion patterns, gain internal strength, and enter the zero point.
  • As you get closer to neutrality you’re less attached to outcomes and less influenced by the external things around you. You don’t need those external reference points to define you or complete you. As a result of your internal strength and rising frequency resonance, you recognize your connection to Pure Source—as a full knowingness rather than an intellectual concept.
  • Apathy is often confused with neutrality, but they’re actually very different. Apathy stems from disconnect. Because you feel separate, you’re indifferent. With neutrality, you recognize your connection to the Oneness, and you’re in a place of surrender from strength, where you can allow the unfolding of all that is.
  • Though many will equate emotional indifference with neutrality, that absolutely isn’t the case — neutrality isn’t about being unemotional. But when we attach to our emotions, and our minds start to perpetuate them, we get pulled out of the present moment of linear time. That’s when emotions can create problems for us. If the mind doesn’t take over, emotions can be very clear and quickly experienced in the present moment.
  • If you’re running from a negative emotional experience and artificially trying to experience neutrality instead, you’re missing out on the chance to confirm the removal of the distortion patterns causing the negative emotions. Life deals you opportunities to allow your resonance to rise, and the chance to confirm the removal is one of them. But you may have to spend time with your negative emotions in order to do so.
  • Cultivating neutrality and holding your space will help you through intense and turbulent times. Neutrality allows you to remember that there’s more than what the ego mind can perceive. When you know that and can experience what’s unfolding in your reality from spirit perspective, you can more easily go into a surrender state. You realize from a different perspective why things are happening the way they are.