I’ve always been a water baby. My mom took me for my first swim when I was only a few months old. She says I LOVED it and didn’t want to get out.

She thought I’d fuss from the coldness of the water but the hollering started when she tried to take me OUT of the water!

We often take water for granted, especially those of us in developed countries. We just turn on our taps and out comes clean water, on demand.

We all know that from a physical standpoint we depend on water to survive, but are there other qualities of water that are less known?

In this week’s episode (#110), Dennis and I discuss the mysterious qualities of water, and how we can best use this resource to accelerate spiritually.

The free GFC (Group FREQUENCY CALIBRATION®) will begin to help you access more of the clearing and transmutative power of water.

Without clearing these distortions, we’re only taking advantage of a small fraction of the many benefits of this amazing resource.

Let’s rise together!



  • Our survival depends on water in many ways, and we find it in many places: in rivers, streams, and when we turn on our taps. Our physical bodies are about 80% water. But not all water is the same.
  • Studies have shown that water stores memory and amplifies frequencies. So the water that comes from the store or from your tap holds memory; it’s been conditioned by the different frequencies it encountered before it came to you. It’s been exposed to distortion patterns of all the people previously around it, and its quality impacts your frequency vibration. 
  • You can condition water as well. Filter your water and then freeze it. Freezing water deletes its stored distortions and memories and brings it to neutral.
  • If you can get water from a live source — like the headwaters of a river — that water is alive. It’s got no interference from humans, and it’s potent for our bodies: it helps clear physical, mental, emotional, and frequency-level toxicity from our bodies at a much higher level than dead water. Dead water is what comes from our taps: treated heavily, recycled. It stores the frequency distortions of all those people it’s been through before. 
  • Water can amplify the effects of frequency work. Frequency work performed in a body of water helps you release more layers of distortion and can nullify the detox process. After any frequency work, getting into a clean body of water can help with your detox. If you don’t live near one, taking a (no more than) 7-minute soak in an Epsom salt bath is a good alternative. 
  • Cleaning up oceans and other bodies of water is increasingly important, as clean water and live water sources are becoming more scarce. Our physical survival is tied to water, and it affects us spiritually. It’s more critical than ever to care for this resource.