One of the first “woo-woo” or more out there “spiritual” events that Chris and I attended (which now looking back on it, wasn’t particularly out there!) was a weekend class in San Francisco that a well-known author named Michael Harner gave on shamanism and journeying.
The first afternoon we were led in a guided meditation in our first journeying experience. 
Drumming began. 
The doorway to journeying through my consciousness opened.
I loved it! 
Chris, it turns out, not so much.
We’re definitely all different in what we experience.
After it was over, they asked us to share what our experience had been.
I had had a number of cool journeying experiences. 
Chris felt like he’d been sitting in a room with a pile of people staring at the inside of his eyelids while some random guy banged a deerskin drum in his ear.
What I noticed, even at that time, was that some of the folks who shared REALLY wanted to share their experiences and how wild they were. 
This then prompted an interesting dynamic of each subsequent person wanting to tell a story that was at least as out there as the previous person’s. Or at the very least having something seemingly profound and special to share.
And most of those who didn’t have any particularly noteworthy experience just felt bad about themselves, like something was wrong with them.
This is a very human dynamic which shows up a lot in the spiritual journey and can hijack your progress if you’re not mindful of it. 
In this week’s episode (#124), Tia and I talk about “When Ego Masquerades As Awakening,” what to look out for, how this can really limit your momentum and how to transcend the ego/mind.
The GFC (Group Frequency Calibration®) at the end will help you to be more aware of when it’s your ego/mind running the show, and start to release the distortion patterns that feed it.
Without letting go of these distortion patterns, we can think that we’re making awesome progress on our spiritual path, when it’s just really our ego/mind getting the best of us.
Let’s rise together!


  • The ego is an aspect of the mind that creates identity, thoughts, beliefs, assumptions, and stories. When we’re first starting out and don’t identify as strongly with spirit, we think we are our thoughts. The ego mind dominates, and we let the ego define us.

  • Our thoughts are shaped by our distortion patterns. Frequency work allows us to still the mind and get space from our thoughts — they’re something we have, rather than what we are. As your resonance rises, thoughts will still be there but you’ll identify less with them and be less bound to them.

  • For many of us, there’s a great desire to embody awakening and enlightenment. But when we start to identify more from spirit, the ego won’t have as much sway. So the ego may resort to trickery in an attempt to retain dominance: It’ll try to convince us that we’re awakened, when in fact we still have plenty of work to do.

  • It can be hard to discern — sometimes in others and especially in ourselves — when the ego is masquerading as awakening. With others, when we see what we think is enlightenment, we often give our power away to the other person. We think the other person is smarter or more advanced, and we stop checking in with ourselves. We hand over our power.

  • With others — like healers, guides, and teachers — take a minute to scan and see how congruent they are. And when you become aware of a person’s ego masquerading as awakening, hold your space. You can witness it without taking it on or giving them your power.

  • As your resonance rises, your growing awareness can help you track down your own distortion patterns. You realize that even though you’ve made great progress, you’re far from perfect and have plenty of patterns to release. You’re better able to track them down and delete them on your own when your resonance is high enough. It’s an empowering shift and leads you to even more sovereignty and greater self-mastery.