There’s no use dancing around this one, so I’ll get right to it.
There’s increasing polarization and fear irrespective of what side of the political spectrum you fall on.
Generally the focus of this polarization and fear is vaccination.
From spirit perspective, what is this culture of fear and polarization all about? Is there a bigger purpose to all of this?
There is. And it has nothing to do with politics.
In today’s episode (#127) Tia and I talk about Upending the Culture of Fear that is getting louder and stronger, the purpose it serves from spirit perspective, what to look out for and how to empower yourself so you can use the intensity of this time as a catalyst to accelerate on spirit level.
Please note, this is NOT a political discussion. We’re examining the dynamic of this time from a higher level order so we can rise above much of the lower frequency resonance discussion and dynamics of the current focus—irrespective of what side of the political spectrum you are on.
The GFC (Group Frequency Calibration®) at the end will help begin to give you the momentum to gain some much-needed distance from today’s pervasive, toxic culture of fear. 
Without clearing the distortion patterns that keep us locked in this dynamic, it is very difficult to stay stable and accelerate forward.
Let’s rise together!


  • Regardless of what you believe or where you fall on the political spectrum, fear is getting ramped up to get us to do whatever the powers that be say is right for us. The fear around vaccines on both sides is big, and people get so anchored in their viewpoints that they aren’t able to break free of the lower-level discourse around the vaccines. Instead of moving into a higher order, folks get mired in the fear and polarization around vaccines.

  • There are beings among us who do want to dominate humanity—they’ve been doing so for centuries. And they actually want us to be in a fear resonance because we’re much easier to control when we drop into fear and disregard our sovereignty.

  • When you realize your sovereignty, you’re much harder to control. So watch yourself when fear creeps in. Catch it. And do the work to release your distortion patterns around fear—now is a great opportunity to rise above fear and place your attention onto something of a higher resonance.

  • In the grand scheme of things, there is a purpose to all this polarization. It’s meant to force you into a choice: Are you going to ascend to the higher level order? The amplification of the polarities makes it critical to choose. And if you remember your sovereignty and recognize that the “real” you is actually indestructible consciousness, you’re in a more powerful place from which to create your reality. Negating your sovereignty means giving your power away to people who want to perpetrate more fear.

  • It’s an uncomfortable time because the opportunities for growth are coming so fast. Some will put a foot down and say no to the fear and polarization and choose something that pushes them into a higher frequency. Others won’t, and they’ll succumb to the fear and spin out. It’s a pivotal time where people are choosing their path, whether or not they’re aware that they’re making a choice.

  • The polarization is really showing us how far divorced we are from our spirit selves. There’s a great fear that “human” is all we are, and death is the end of us. But the great opportunity of this lifetime is not about controlling it so you can avoid death. You’ve got a chance to bust out of the sandbox of fear and control, and make a connection to what you truly are: infinite indestructible consciousness.