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It was just after midnight and I was sitting in front of my computer at our dining room table.

This was in the very earliest days of me giving frequency work, even before there was a “Spherical Luminosity.” I was still officially a real estate agent, but was starting to find myself in demand for frequency work.

I’d finished a day of meetings for our real estate business, planning out a light remodel for a client whose condo we were bringing onto the market in a few weeks, and now I was facing trying to coordinate a handful of people who wanted to have frequency work sessions with me.

I was exhausted.

At this point there was no getting around it — I had to set up a website with a scheduling functionality because all the back and forth emails to coordinate times was draining, both time-wise and energetically.

Now I am NOT a tech person, and I’m definitely not someone who likes to read user manuals.

Whenever I get a new phone, or some other new gadget, what usually happens is I just stab at the various icons or buttons, hoping things will magically work the way I want them to. Invariably within a minute I get totally stymied and I ask Chris for help (which usually means he ends up reading the manual).

Needless to say, we both hate it when I get a new phone!

To create a website for what was to become Spherical Luminosity was totally daunting. Yes there was a website that had templates for a website, but how do you choose the templates, make it work, add imagery, scheduling and payment functionality . . .

Oh! And then there was the small challenge of how the heck do I describe what I do?


Challenge is something we all face in our lives—it’s inevitable. But the way we approach these challenges can differ greatly. In this week’s episode, Tia and I discuss How To Transcend Challenge & Suffering. We talk about how the way we approach both of these can strongly influence the trajectories of our lives and what future we get to experience.

After the discussion, the GFC (Group Frequency Calibration®) will help you to begin to release the distortion patterns that keep you mired in the lack of momentum to transcend challenge.

Without releasing the distortion patterns we target in this GFC, we can be trapped in suffering or find ourselves stuck spinning in the same place.

Let’s rise together!



  • As humans, we’re always going to have problems and challenges to overcome — even as we rise in frequency resonance. While challenge can be perceived as an opportunity, many will avoid challenges altogether because they’re looking for comfort. Others have distortion patterns which cause them to experience suffering when challenges arise.
  • What is the difference between suffering and challenge? Challenge tends to be perceived as an external circumstance that one has to rise up against. Suffering is a low-resonating internalized state that can actually even become an integral part of one’s identity. Without the aid of frequency work, it’s hard to pull oneself out of this disempowered state. Many common distortion patterns tend to reinforce suffering.
  • Many people believe that having a strong will or the right mindset can fortify themselves against challenges. An easier way forward is to release distortion patterns. As we rise in resonance and start to see things from the Big “S”self, we identify with ourselves more as infinite indestructible consciousness. From that perspective, it’s far easier to see how manageable human problems can be, or at least how small they are in relation to our true nature as infinite indestructible consciousness. From that perspective, it’s much easier to have emotional space from challenges so that we don’t hang onto them and create more of them.
  • As you release distortion patterns and rise in resonance, challenges will remain — but they’ll be of a higher level order. For example, you can go from having a challenge with paying bills, to challenge with buying a house, to challenge with buying a second home, and so on. There’s a rise in the experience.
  • When challenge occurs, it’s helpful to become aware of your body. Anchor into the present moment through the body and the breath. Being in the present moment pulls you out of the mind’s tendency to spin into the anxiety of a future that doesn’t currently exist. It’s the place from which you can co-create your reality.
  • In the old consciousness, suffering is intertwined with oppression, greed, and scarcity — the heavy distortion patterns of that lower consciousness level. This suffering is not required in order to ascend, as some tend to believe. In the new consciousness, we’re rising above suffering into a place where challenges are opportunities to grow.