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Many of us have heard of past lives.

It seems like whenever I’ve heard of people going to psychics they’re often told that they were someone famous, of influence and known now in this present time. How can all of these people have been Caesar?

I mean…c’mon!

Are past lives real? If so, how do they work and most importantly how might they influence us in this lifetime?

In this week’s episode Tia and I discuss what past lives really are (it gets a little trippy and you need to understand time so I recommend watching the last episode (#151) on the Zero Point of Space & Time first), how they can very much affect us in this lifetime and how to resolve them.

The GFC (Group Frequency Calibration®) at the end will begin to help you begin to access the Eternal Now which is the point from which you can access all the past lifetimes and resolve the distortion patterns that are negatively impacting this current lifetime.

Without releasing past life distortion patterns it’s super easy to get really stuck in this one without knowing why. 

Maybe it’s time to let bygones REALLY be bygones!

Let’s rise together!



Have you heard the term “past lives” before and wondered how that all works? Past lifetimes can have such a profound impact on us in this lifetime, even if people aren’t aware that they exist.

In this episode we peek behind the curtain of the illusion and discuss how past lives work, how they’re actually not really “past” at all, and how we can resolve issues from past lives that create stumbling blocks for us in our current lifetime.