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Over 12 years ago Chris and I were at a well known motivational speaker’s personal development event with over 3000 people in attendance.

My abilities hadn’t come in yet but I was still intuitive enough that I became very aware that the speaker was extraordinarily adept at manipulating the energy of a large group of people.

The larger the group, the more he was able to influence them.

Even back then, before I had ever considered the idea of holding your space, I could actually feel all of these thousands of people just handing their power right over to him.

They did it at varying speeds but by the second day, almost everyone in the audience was pretty much entranced by the speaker and had elevated him above themselves.

I’d never seen this happen on such a large scale before, and it actually kinda freaked me out.

It is very, very easy for humans to be influenced. There are ways that are manipulative and darker and also ways that are more clear and uplifting. 

In this week’s episode (#161) Tia and I talk about the different kinds of influence that most people aren’t even aware of, what you should look out for and how to Stay True To You.

The GFC (Group Frequency Calibration®) at the end will help you stay centered in yourself so you have the space and the time to feel if what is presented is something you want to delve into further, without just getting sucked in unwittingly. 

Without understanding what’s happening and being able to hold our space, we can end up making choices that we wished we hadn’t. 

Let’s rise together!™




There are many ways that people can influence others, from language patterns, emotional tone and resonance, understanding of human psychology, but there are 2 ways that influence can be exerted very powerfully over others that aren’t talked about very often.

If you’re not mindful of these two things, you can easily give away your power to those wielding them, without even realizing it, diminishing your own power and corroding your own sense of who you are.

Today, we’re discussing Staying True to You – Not Falling Prey to Power Dynamics so you can avoid being unwittingly caught up in power dynamics.