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When I first watched “The Secret” in the early 2000s I was fascinated.

I’d been raised by hard-working immigrant parents who were very clear that if I wanted success, I had to work my tail off for it.

So the idea that we can create our reality was pretty much mind-blowing.

It could have been easy for me to dismiss given my upbringing, but there was actually something there that resonated as true.

Creation-manifestation ended up being something that I explored a lot because I’ve had this odd knowing that it was something inherent to us that we’d forgotten how to activate.

I’ve changed a LOT in the past twenty years since I first encountered the idea.

And given my abilities now, I know it’s not only possible but what most people conceive of now as creation-manifestation is changing and upleveling in a whole new way.

In this week’s episode (#166), Tia and I talk about how creation-manifestation has been and how it’s changing as more of us are experiencing higher levels of resonance and the new consciousness frequencies are becoming more and more available to us.

The GFC (Group Frequency Calibration®) associated with this episode will help you to begin to release the distortion patterns that keep you from being able to create-manifest.

We’ve got to release these distortion patterns in order to start to unlock our natural, innate creation-manifestation abilities.

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Most people have heard about the Secret and the old school way to create-manifest. But why does that method often not work?

In this episode we explore what trips people up with creation-manifestation, and a whole new level of creation-manifestation that is just starting to come in as we access the higher frequencies of the new consciousness. This new approach is so different from the old-school techniques that I’m referring to it as “creation-manifestation 2.0.”