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When I was little, I really loved the movie Cinderella — the old school one from 1950.

I mean there were singing mice, plenty of swooshy skirts and a fairy-tale romance.

What was there not to love?!

It was the first time I’d seen anything with the “and they lived happily ever after” ending.

That “one true love happily ever after” idea is sold very heavily in much of our story-telling, whether it’s in movies or stories or songs.

But the reality of living and being in an intimate relationship is an altogether different story.

Even if you’re in an amazing partnership, how do you hold your space with your partner so you don’t lose a sense of “you” and not be over-sensitive to their stress, limiting beliefs, detox, and distortion patterns?

How do you have intimacy and deep love while holding your space? Isn’t that kind of the opposite of what we’ve been taught?

In this week’s episode, I’m joined by my husband and partner Chris to discuss “Holding Your Space In Intimate Relationship,” exploring what we’ve learned about this, from both the feminine and masculine perspective.

We still have a lot to learn but we’ve been together for over 25 years now and have definitely discovered some things along our individual personal and spiritual journeys.

The Group Frequency Calibration® (GFC) associated with this episode will focus on helping you to begin to better hold your space in intimate relationships.

Without releasing these distortion patterns, it can be very easy to lose your “self” in the “we”.

Let’s rise together!™



Have you ever been in a relationship where you’re really over sensitive to your partner’s bad moods, stress, anxieties or even detox, and it just pulls your own mood and your own frequency resonance down?

Or that so much of your identity is bound up in that sense of “we” that you’re terrified of losing or ending the relationship because you’re not even sure who the “me” is? The “me” that you’ve lost along the way?

In this episode, my husband and partner Chris and I discuss Holding Your Space In Intimate Partnership, what it looks like, how it creates greater freedom, and (maybe counter-intuitively) even deeper intimacy and connection.