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I’ve always loved to eat—it’s what prompted me to learn how to cook.

From very early on, I learned from getting to travel to (and eat in!) Southeast Asia that the art of deliciousness was all about the interplay between salty, sweet, bitter, sour and spicy.

SO many combinations to explore! I actually owned a high-end catering company for a while, hiring chefs from one of the best restaurants in San Francisco to work for me. I learned so much from them. It changed the nature of how I thought about food.

Eventually, years and years later, I learned about another “flavor,” what the Japanese call “umami.”

And as I honed my understanding of umami and experimented with it, the food I created had greater and greater depth of flavor and became even more delicious. That was the critical shift to even more yumminess.

Sometimes refining a nuance can create so much awesome!

In this week’s episode, Fiona and I talk about the nuances of frequency work and some of the terms that I use when I give the work, and when I talk about it.

Understanding some of the subtleties can bring a different perspective, and hearing a different explanation can often bring us “aha!” moments. My hope is that there will be a few here for you as you watch this episode.

The Group Frequency Calibration® (GFC) associated with this episode will start to help you to release the distortion patterns that keep you in resistance to change.

You’d be surprised how much resistance to change we can have even if we want it badly. Only when we release these distortion patterns, do things really start to shift!

Let’s rise together!™



Understanding nuance can lead to important “aha moments.” In this episode, we address some subtleties of the expressions and terms I commonly use in the podcast, workshops and retreats. Things like:

“If you don’t understand what I’m saying, don’t worry – the words I’m saying are not important.” Well, what do you mean they’re not important?

Also things like:

“What is embodied knowingness?”

“What do you really mean by frequency resonance?”

“What do you mean by ‘Let’s rise together!’?”

So if you’d like to get a deeper understanding of some of my most commonly used shorthand terms, definitely check out this episode!