When I first started on my spiritual journey I really wanted someone to give me a better understanding of the big picture.

Then what I wanted next was a breakdown of the steps of how to get to wherever I was supposed to be going.

Boy did I have a LOT to learn! Still do, but thankfully I’m at least a little further along.

I soon realized that I was never going to get some magical chart with “how to” directions.

If I surrendered, paid attention, and followed only what was of the highest resonance (without being impatient – TOUGH one), often without knowing why, things would unfold with such precision that I would later be in awe.

In this week’s episode (#54), Dennis and I talk about how to become radically more efficient by leveraging the incredible efficiency of spirit—and it’s not necessarily by doing more! I know. I was surprised too.

The free Group Frequency Calibration® (GFC) at the end is the most important part – it will help you begin to clear the distortions patterns that are creating more inefficiencies for you both on the physical and spirit level.

Without clearing these distortion patterns, we have to muscle our way through things by doing more to yield results on the physical plane, which can lead to exhaustion and burn out.

I’m all for higher order efficiency!

Until next time,




•   Divine timing is extremely precise. Nothing in your experience is wasted—it’s there to give you the lessons you chose in order to transcend, accelerate, and grow. Following and allowing the perfection of this timing is key to becoming more efficient.

•   Leveraging the efficiency of spirit requires surrender to Pure Source. Pure Source is way more efficient than our minds. Pure Source is aware of everything happening at any moment in the All That Is; our minds, by comparison, know very little.

•   You may experience many levels of both surrender and something akin to the death space—a space where something transitions into something else, where new things can begin. The death space implies release of an old form, an old attachment, a former version of you.

•   In order to really leverage the efficiency of spirit, you must be in acceptance of the cycle of growth, death, renewal, growth. It requires the neutrality of non-attachment, which will come more easily with the release of distortion patterns.

•   Starting the process might sound scary, but it becomes easier—with time and practice—to let go. What is required: recognizing when you need to surrender, becoming comfortable with the death space and the cycle of life, and knowing that—from a greater perspective—things are unfolding exactly as they’re meant to be.

•   As you do more frequency work, instead of being a victim to things, everything will become an opportunity for learning and growth. You’ll mirror spirit and become more efficient in how you process your experiences.

•   If “surrender” is hard, use the word “follow.” Follow the energetic breadcrumbs.

•   The required surrender is not from weakness. It comes from a place of knowing that you can transcend whatever crosses your path. Surrender is from strength.