When I was growing up, I could always tell when there were places in a house or even outside where I did not want to be.

There was a specific spot on the landing of the staircase going up to the bedrooms in the house I grew up in that I absolutely hated.

Looking back on it now, with my abilities, there was a dead person and an entity who hung out there.

I didn’t really know why I was so uneasy about that space, but it didn’t feel right and I always sprinted like crazy past that landing, no matter what time of day or night it was.

In this week’s episode (#57) Dennis and I talk about how the spaces you live in hold the frequencies of things in those spaces, how those frequencies govern your physical and spiritual reality, and how to condition your spaces for optimal acceleration and nourishment.

The free Group Frequency Calibration® (GFC) will help to begin to clear the spaces you live and work in.

Without clearing these distortion patterns, spaces can deplete rather than nourish you.

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•   The spaces we spend our lives in—homes, cars, and offices included—hold frequencies of the seen and unseen things in those spaces. These frequencies can cause disrupted sleep, emotional unease, and leeching of energy.

•   A number of things can govern the frequencies in spaces: negative thought forms or stress can pollute your space. Crystals and other objects can hold distortion patterns. Spirits may hang around the locations of their sudden or unhappy deaths. The land you’re living on might be sacred to someone else, with lingering spirits regarding you as an invader. Ley lines and other energetic gridlines can cause negative vortices in certain locations.

•   Spaces can be cleared of certain frequencies, and this is best done by amplifying Pure Source and Mother Earth. Because Pure Source is the highest frequency possible, it has the most authority. It will then clear everything else.

•   Your space may not be the problem—it may be you or something you’ve brought into the space. You may have an entity causing other things to enter your space. You may have an object in your space causing disruption and needing to be cleared.

•   Crystals, for example, hold programming. If you receive one that’s been programmed, it can amplify unrest, misery, or scarcity in your space. You want to clear any objects in your space that may hold programming—this includes ceremonial or sacred objects that were once used for rituals.

•   Once you clear spaces or objects, you likely won’t need to do it again if it is being cleared by a frequency that is high enough.

•   Where to start? Listen to the free GFC included in the video. Tapping into the mastermind will help you amplify Pure Source and neutralize other frequencies in your home. More advanced GFCs are available on the website regarding clearing spaces and objects. If you need further help after doing these, you may find a private session useful.