My dad was always the type of guy who wanted to get things done as quickly and effectively as possible.

Even when I was a little kid, he was always reading things like speed reading, or the 7 habits of the most effective people.

He was an “all in” kind of guy.

When he discovered frequency work, he decided that he wanted to stream 3 different frequency sessions on three different devices simultaneously at maximum volume so he could get the most frequency work done at the same time.

Whoa. Intense.

As you might imagine, my mother was not exactly excited about his great idea!

People often ask me how many times do they need to listen to a replay of an IFC or GFC for the frequency work to be complete? What is the best thing to do to integrate the work?

To answer these questions and more, in this week’s episode (#74), Dennis and I discuss the best practices for integration and acceleration − how to better integrate frequency work on a practical level, as Karen answers frequently asked questions on this topic and shares some easy-to-implement tactics and strategies.

The free Group Frequency Calibration® (GFC) at the end will begin to give you momentum into doing the practices, not just knowing what to do from an intellectual standpoint.

Without removing the distortion patterns, we can get stuck in inertia which can cause frustration and self judgement. 

Here’s to moving forward! 

Until next time,


Covered in the discussion:

•   What is the quickest way to accelerate frequency work?

•   Why is it useful to replay the GFCs and Deep Dives?

•   How can detox be expedited? Is it possible to eliminate detox entirely?

•   What should one do during lulls in momentum, when it feels as through forward progress has stalled?

•   How can we leverage the momentum of others to help us move into action?

•   How does one know when to take action versus remain in stillness?

•   How can we open ourselves to opportunities of a higher-resonating order?