I don’t know about you, but I remember when the movie E.T. came out. It was the first time I went to a movie without my mom. 

I was totally terrified of what ET might be. To me, aliens seemed like something creepy, and for sure that’s how they were usually portrayed in movies. And the normal or appropriate human response, according to the movies I had seen, was to gun them down or experiment on them, because that’s what they wanted to do with us, anyway.

I had certainly never considered that they might be portrayed as something friendly, cuddly and more evolved than us.

And the idea that aliens were by nature sinister and malicious was apparently ingrained enough in me that it didn’t matter what the movie was, Cocoon, Starman, ET, etc.—all of which had friendly alien characters, if I remember correctly—I wasn’t really convinced they were good aliens until I was well into the movie. 

As I grew up and harnessed my ability to project my consciousness into different realms, I started to realize there was a whole lot out there beyond our planet. 

I quickly realized that some of what I believed as a child was actually well founded. Not everything from outside this planet is particularly well intentioned and some could be quite dark. But of course it turned out that there are friendly beings, too, as well as those who are basically neutral towards us humans. A whole spectrum, with a zillion points in between.

These explorations I made could also be fascinating and revelatory on how things really work on a scale much bigger than the earth. And there was so much out there to know! 

In this week’s episode (#78) Starbound—What You Need To Know, Dennis and I discuss the outer realms, how much awareness of this stuff is required in the awakening process and gets down to what really accelerates us forward.

The free Group Frequency Calibration® (GFC) at the end is focused on helping you to clear the distortion patterns around the body and being in this space and time, so that if you do want to explore the outer realms, you can do so from a place of greater stability. 

Without clearing these distortion patterns, it can be easy to get lost out there for an eternity. 

Here’s to demystifying some of the woo-woo!




  • There’s a lot of woo-woo sounding spiritual stuff out there, but how much do you really need to know? It depends on what you want. Some are very drawn toward learning about alien species, star gates, and portals. Such people likely aren’t from the Earth—they’re star beings—and are fascinated about where they come from.
  • Beings on Earth are from different places. Some are from different star systems within the same dimensional plane as the Earth; others are from higher dimensional planes. Lots of beings want to be on Earth right now to experience this massive consciousness shift embodied: the intensity, emotion, the forgetting and then remembering of our true essence—this is what we’re here for. It gives us tremendous momentum on spirit level to experience this in a body.
  • A lot of children are beings of higher consciousness, and they’re helping consciousness rise simply by being here. It can be tough for these kids to fit in: they’re sensitive, many have special abilities and are aware of the frequency distortions behind other kids and adults, and some can perceive other realities that aren’t ours. Some can see dark realms, some can see multiple realities at once.
  • Frequency work can help these kids integrate with the human experience and make better sense of the world. And because kids entrain to each other, the ones who’ve had frequency work will help other advanced beings relax and integrate as well, just by following the energetic patterning of those who’ve had the work. It’s a ripple effect.
  • What parents of these kids might want to know is that their children aren’t crazy and drugs likely aren’t the answer. It’s best to get help from a different place. Adjusting these kids on frequency level creates a swift change toward more ease—kids aren’t conditioned in the same way as adults or with the same level of distortion. Their external reality shifts quickly.
  • Your ascension and acceleration doesn’t depend on you understanding any of this left-field stuff. Yes, portals and stargates are real—certain places on Earth contain portals to different star realms, meant to activate higher levels of consciousness to support the Earth at this time. Part of Karen’s function has been to activate some of these. But you don’t need to know anything about it to ascend.
  • Being in a human body at this time is a privilege that you’ve chosen. Transcending the illusion of humanness—that we are separate from the divine—is why we’re here. The other stuff is interesting but not critical to your ascension.