When I was a little girl, I REALLY wanted to fly.

I’d run as fast as I could, with my arms outstretched down this little hill behind the apartment building that we lived in.

I thought that if I could just run fast enough I’d actually take off.

There were moments where I was running so fast, it felt like it would aaaaalmost happen but then something called falling and rolling would happen instead.

Very. Sad.

I didn’t realize it back then, but we all have a superpower that we’re not even aware of.

In this week’s episode (#85), Dennis and I talk about this hidden superpower that we all have in common,  how to make it stronger, and how it benefits us — as well as our lineage, children, humanity, and the Oneness.

The Group Frequency Calibration® (GFC) at the end is the most important part – it will help you to clarify this superpower so you can benefit from it even more and start to naturally have an impact on others, without intention or effort on your part.

Without clearing out distortion patterns around this, we unknowingly remain our regular “mild mannered” selves instead of the Super(wo)man that we really are.

The more of us who fully embrace our superpower, the sooner we can bootstrap our way out of things!

Let’s rise together!



•   Your superpower is your frequency resonance — your “beingness.” Even if you think you’re doing this frequency work for yourself, there’s a ripple effect of all that clearing. As you clear distortions and raise your resonance, your impact on the collective becomes much greater.

•   There’s power in numbers. During a GFC, the speed of the mastermind reaches such a velocity that when we release distortion patterns that are heavily mirrored in the collective, the effect on the collective is huge. The collective consciousness can now entrain to something better — to the possibility of that distortion pattern no longer existing.

•   The world is getting more polarized and unstable, but from spirit perspective it serves an important purpose. Instability precedes change, clearing the way for higher resonating systems and structures.

•   So what can you do? Work on yourself. Release distortion patterns. The rise of consciousness is what will get us out of this mess, because as the common denominator of human consciousness rises, oppression, abuse, and self-dealing at the expense of others becomes increasingly less possible. Use your superpower to impact the Oneness!

•   Many are feeling disempowered right now, but there’s huge potential during this time. Frequency governs form, and if you release distortions on the frequency level, your beingness alone can have a huge impact.

•   Your frequency vibration has a bandwidth. Raising the entire bandwidth is a self-perpetuating cycle, because your higher self doesn’t want the heaviness of your distortion patterns weighing you down.