These are turbulent and polarized times. Some of us want things to go back to normal, but is that really the answer? In this episode, we discuss how to create internal stability in times of chaos — so you can use this time to accelerate spiritually.


•   As polarization and natural disasters get more intense, it can be easy to succumb to fatigue, sadness, depression, and hopelessness. Remaining centered and grounded can help you overcome the chaos. One way to do this is shift your perspective: from (little “s”) “self” to (big “S”) “Self”.

•   When you perceive your reality through “self”, you identify more with the ego mind: your thoughts, beliefs, conclusions, assumptions, and stories come from a very human-centered perspective. These mental projections weigh heavily in shaping what you perceive to be real.

•   When you perceive your reality through “Self”, you identify more with Spirit. You’re very aware of your connection to Pure Source and intrinsically know that you’re part of the Oneness. It’s a grander perspective—from a higher resonating  order—not mired in the ego mind.

•   The more frequency work you do, the more your resonance rises. And as a natural consequence, you start to be more aware of your experience from the “Self” perspective. You’ll have new thoughts (or better yet, awarenesses) and understandings, and a new context for everything happening around us.

•   It can be terrifying to witness the chaos unfolding in the world around us right now, viewed solely from the lens of the human ego self. Maintaining stability is difficult; getting sucked into despair is easy. But once you start to identify with your Self, from spirit perspective, you can then start to have an embodied experience of the purpose behind what’s happening—way more so than you can perceive from the human perspective.

•   The way Karen perceives it, what’s happening now presents a tremendous opportunity from spirit perspective. Individually and as a collective, we’re releasing the lower density frequency resonances of oppression, control, abuse, and greed. That’s why these patterns are so visible right now to us. We’re transitioning into a higher order where those lower frequencies cannot exist.

•   It’s an incredible time to be embodied—to experience consciousness making a massive jump. It hasn’t happened before in human consciousness. And if we choose to, we can experience this from the identification of the big “S”: aware of ourselves as consciousness having the experience of consciousness rising, while simultaneously experiencing the emotions, sensations, and physicality of the embodied human experience.

•   The shift is happening quickly. And in order to transition to the higher resonating realm, some people will have to leave their bodies. It’s just part of their journey to the higher level of consciousness—they’re going to do it, but for them that shift won’t happen while they are embodied. So if elevated death rates become a reality, that might be why.

•   This is an opportunity to strengthen like never before, to hold your space, and come to an understanding of yourself as infinite indestructible consciousness. That understanding simply isn’t a mental thing: To get there, you have to get to a higher vibrating order. GFCs and other frequency work will help release distortion patterns that are holding you back, to allow you to resonate higher. As you embody a higher frequency, not only will your personal experience improve, you will also be helping the collective and impact greater numbers of people.

•   To create the most internal stability during this time:

1.      Stay present in your body. Our minds like to project into the uncertainty of the future or the regret of the past, but your body exists only in the present. The more you anchor into your senses, the more it’ll pull you into the present moment of linear time.

2.      Become aware of where you are in space. To do this, triangulate: Become aware of 3 inanimate objects in the space around you, and feel the distance between the objects and you. It firms up your sense of where you are in space.

3.      Do frequency work. There are so many options available on the Spherical Luminosity website, and for those with fewer financial resources right now, there are plenty of free GFCs available to help you release distortion patterns so you can resonate higher and have a different experience during these turbulent times. They’re all there for you, to help support you and to help you grow—please use them!