In these turbulent times, many are succumbing to the stress of chaos, the worry of an unknown future, and feeling powerless to change any of it. In this episode, we’re discussing the unseen dynamic of what’s really at work — and how it offers you a unique chance to strengthen and transcend.


  • There are a number of unseen things at play right now. Consciousness is rising, and denser distortion patterns like oppression, abuse, and greed — patterns that run rampant through our systems and institutions — are breaking away so we can move into a higher level of consciousness. As a result, we’re getting more visibility into these lower-vibrating patterns, and people are rising up and claiming their sovereignty in response.

  • There are auric fields created around some of the chaotic situations and events. An auric field is created by large numbers of people putting their attention on the same thing for an extended period of time. Things like Covid-19, political unrest, and natural disasters each have their own auric field.

  • Because each auric field is conditioned by the collective, these fields start to get amped up with certain behaviors, distortion patterns, emotions, and thoughts. People often don’t realize they’re being pulled into an auric field, and it’s easy to get pulled into that collective experience if you don’t have enough stability to stand firm.

  • Be aware. It’s important to realize that auric fields exist around certain things. And when very intense auric fields begin to overlap, as the fields around Covid-19, political unrest, and natural disasters are doing right now, it’s turbulent and intense in the middle of all of them.

  • The act of power is to hold your strength. Know that you don’t have to get pulled in to the dynamic of the auric field. You can be aware of it without getting sucked in to the emotions, experience, and thoughts of the collective.

  • Your spirit body is the sphere at arm’s length all around you, and it projects what you perceive as your physical reality. Holding your space means being aware of the spirit body and letting no one in that space — it’s only for you, your higher self, and Pure Source. Letting other beings or forces — and their frequencies — into that space can lead to overwhelm, anger, frustration, and disempowerment.

  • To begin holding your space, be aware of where you are in both time and space. Time and space are the foundations upon which this reality sits. Being outside the zero point of time can cause depression, lethargy, and feeling like you’re stuck; being outside the zero point of space can make you feel easily bullied or pushed around. It can be hard to be present.

  • Because the external pressure is so great, cultivating stability in times of chaos is an especially powerful act. It will help you increase your frequency resonance even more.