The world is filled with an overwhelming number of stories, all with their own perspectives and agendas. How can we turn down the volume on these stories and allow the mind to function more sharply, clearly, and powerfully?


In our world today, we’re constantly consuming story and information — often without awareness of the resulting toxicity happening on the mental level. Much of this story has a low resonance that’s meant to trigger a low-resonating emotional response: fear, anger, worry, or anxiety. It can cause a sense of disempowerment.

On spirit level, these stories look like burrs: those prickly things some plants produce that can hook onto your clothing. Similarly, stories stick to us on frequency level, and are heavier in nature the more lowly resonating they are. The more stories you accumulate without releasing, the less able you are to process them out — and your resonance drops as a result.

With so many stories filling it, the mind becomes bogged down and functions less clearly than it should. At this point, you’re functioning from the small “s” self, the ego mind perspective of self. There’s a lot of story, and you’re caught in your ego mind’s response to it. But as you do frequency work and release the story around you, you can move into that big “S” Self, where you’re seeing things from a greater perspective and getting less bogged down with toxicity and other people’s agendas.

Frequency work allows you to gain distance from the mind. You can observe your thoughts, their origins, and explore how they’re influenced by external circumstances or events. Stories aren’t able to hook you as much, and as a result, your mind can function with more clarity.

As you clear the mind, you have more space to receive new thoughts and information, and you increase the mind’s capacity to be a highly functioning tool. When you do need the mind, it’s clear and engaged, and it has capacity. When you don’t need it, you can mute it more easily. The chatter stills, and something greater has a chance to come in.

Your general frequency resonance calls your reality to you and creates it. As you clarify your mind, it’s useful to keep in mind that it’s a reflection of the shift that’s happening on spirit level. The physical is a reflection of the spirit. When you shift your frequency resonance, your reality and possibilities change as well.