One of the first times I visited Sedona I was there for a Drunvalo Melchizedek workshop and I was surprised at how many crystal shops there were and how many folks were offering auric field readings.

Upon reflection after having been there a few times now, I’m not sure why I was surprised that it was harder to find a grocery store than a crystal shop but I was new to Sedona!

Sometimes you have to physically be somewhere to really get it.

It was cool to see the auric fields mapped out in color, which were larger fields than others and how it all correlated to the chakras.

When most people think of auric fields they tend to think of them only with respect to the physical, human body.

But auric fields are much more than that. They also form around what the collective puts their attention on, especially when it’s repetitively and/or for extended periods of time. These auric fields are conditioned by the collective frequencies and can very much impact how we feel, think and perceive when we’re within the auric field, even if normally we didn’t have those patterns.

Significant holidays have strong auric fields that really affect us and we’re often unaware of the effects, so this week (in episode #95) Dennis and I discuss auric fields, what they are on spirit level and how we can use them to accelerate forward. 

The most important part of this episode is the Group Frequency Calibration® (GFC) at the end. It will begin to help you be able to hold your space better within auric fields.

Without this work at the frequency level, we’re at the mercy of what is set at frequency level by the collective.

Not. Optimal.

Let’s rise together!



•   People often speak of the auric fields around the body — how blockages or deficiencies in one’s field can cause physical, mental, or emotional imbalances. But there are broader auric fields in play, too — ones that exist around cities or countries, or around certain times of the year. These fields are embedded with certain sets of frequency patterns.

•   When we enter an auric field, we start to respond to the frequencies running through it and us. We shift our patterns to conform to the frequency ruleset of the field we’re in.

•   The more people who honor a holiday, the more entrenched its frequencies become. The Christmas and New Year’s holidays are very institutionalized in most of our cultures, and their auric fields have the most impact on us. Their fields are held globally. Thanksgiving has a strong auric field in the U.S. but not elsewhere in the world.

•   The auric field of the holidays has a lot of distortion in it. There’s more socializing, consumption, pressure around family togetherness, and an emphasis on presenting a happy face — but there’s also often a pattern of depression running underneath. And the field amplifies the control dynamics within families, with expectation and obligation running amok.

•   The holidays can be a heavy time. Many people emerge from the holidays with a lower frequency vibration than when they went in. Awareness is key: before, during, and after the season. Be aware of what might happen. Give yourself space from the field if you need a reset.

•   You can use your awareness to accelerate and clear distortion patterns. By observing what shows up in the holiday family dynamic, you can see where you got your own patterns and confirm the removal of them. With the enhanced neutrality that comes from doing frequency work, you can choose to notice patterns without getting sucked into the drama.

•   To condition yourself to enter the auric field of the holidays, the GFC in this episode is a good start. There’s also a Deep Dive available for further support: “Breaking Away From Family Patterns.”